Monthly Archives : August 2016

What’s your travel playlist?

I read a lot…I mean a lot…and I’ve noticing a string of articles about “travel playlists.” Of course I’m reading these articles while I’m making my own travel playlist of song that remind me of home. Which led me to wonder…do other people have playlists for places they’ve traveled to? Soundtracks of your life? London will always have a constant…

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Keeping it Weird…keeping it Awesome. Austin, TX

This weekend I met my friend Margarita for a girls weekend in Austin, TX. Neither of us had ever been there before and with her living in New Jersey and me in Vegas it made for a good midway point. I’m going to give you the run down of the 72 hours we spent in this very cool city. So…

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Carson, Ca…Wait What?

(Photo Credit above: Yep I said it, Carson, CA. Some of you might be thinking…but there’s nothing there! And on most weeks you would be right. But every year for the past six years the StubHub Center has been the home of the CrossFit Games. The Superbowl of the CrossFit world. Where the fittest of the fittest compete for…

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