Monthly Archives : June 2020

Would you stay in a Lighthouse?

(Feature image of Lighthouse on the Coast Guard base in Portsmouth, NH) I have been looking through Airbnb in their unusual accommodations section. Have you seen this? It’s pretty cool there’s everything from tree houses to caravans and everything in between. I’ve always wanted to stay in a castle and lately I’ve been interested in lighthouses. Would you stay in…

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Exploring the Catskills: Gilboa & Blenheim

When I was thinking of writing this post, I wanted to feature the beauty of the Catskills. People tend to take where they live for granted. As travelers, we want to see what else is out there and we forget that right where we live there are sites and attractions to visit. So I explored the neighboring towns of Gilboa…

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Summer Travels: Capsule Wardrobe

Summer is when most of us do our traveling. School’s out, the weather is gorgeous and all you want is to be outside. I get it I live in the Northeast so I’m all about summer vibes and that means a whole new summer travel capsule wardrobe! However, it can be a little harder to pack for a summer trip…

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