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Exploring the Catskills: Gilboa & Blenheim

When I was thinking of writing this post, I wanted to feature the beauty of the Catskills. People tend to take where they live for granted. As travelers, we want to see what else is out there and we forget that right where we live there are sites and attractions to visit. So I explored the neighboring towns of Gilboa…

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Global Recipes: Destination Wales

I wanted to write this post to share some of the recipes I gathered on my travels. Since I just wrapped up my road trip to Wales I thought that would be a perfect place to start. Also, it might provide some inspiration to try these dishes on your next trip. The cuisine in Wales has a lot of British…

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Travel YouTubers to watch during isolation: Staycation Series

If you’re like me you’ve probably been down the rabbit hole with TV shows. There are certainly some tv shows that I’ve been rewatching, shout out to Chuck and Buffy, but I’ve also found myself watching some great Youtubers sharing their travel adventures. Here are some great creators who I love and will help you get through this self-isolation. Somewhere…

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