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5 signs it might be time to take a trip

Summer is here and although the weather is better, if you’re an adult, then more than likely you’re working. We all would rather be outside, enjoying the sun but as my friend, Lisa said the other day, “Adulting is hard!” AMEN! On this journey of life, we are so focused on the end game that we forget to value the…

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Top 5 Travel Items to take with you.

Everyone has them, yes I do travel with a minion, but there’s a story that goes with him, I promise! Those few items that make or break your transit. As the years have gone on I’ve learned to live with less. No matter what these 5 tried and tested items I do not travel without. Headphones. I use Yurbuds Inspire 300…

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One of the biggest mistakes travelers make and how to fix it.

Now imagine that you’ve booked your trip. You have your activities booked and you’re so excited about this amazing vacation that you’ve planned. However, you forgot to think about how you’re going to get to that zip line adventure 20 minutes from where you’re staying. What happens? Well, more than likely you’ll be scrambling to find transportation and may end up…

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