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As a coach I am challenged daily. Challenged by the WODs, my athletes and myself. Although I’m challenged often, it’s mostly good challenges. I wanted to have a forum where I could vent these challenges and share with others.

Whenever you are teaching others you are bound to have days that don’t go according to plan, actually you are more likely to not have anything go to plan then things to run smoothly. Teachers are the masters adjusting to changes on the fly. You may not think it but it is true. They plan and then it only takes one thing, one student asking too many questions, and your whole plan goes awry. The first couple of times it may stress you out but then you realize, it’ll be OK.

You figure out ways to decompress. For me it’s writing this blog and working out. So from time to time I’ll write and you can all commiserate with me. Until then life is short, do what you love!

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