Exploring the World outside your Front Door.

Have you ever explored the area you live in? It\’s a common thing most people don’t bother to do. I used to live in New York City but it took me moving out or having a friend visit to actually do some of the touristy things I should have done while I lived there, like going to Ellis Island or the Statue of Liberty. But why does it take someone else visiting or you to move to appreciate what\’s accessible to you in your hometown?

It’s because we take where we live for granted. We always expect it to be there. We always think I can do that tomorrow instead let’s explore Europe today. But what if you took the time to really explore where you live? What would you find? You may just fall in love with the area you live in all over again. Here are some tips on how to get involved and love where you live.

Look for somewhere to get outside

Is there a state or national park near you? Is there a local hike you have always thought about doing but just never seem to get off the couch to go do? Take the opportunity to find those outdoor spaces to explore. You really never know what you will find.

I’m currently working in Harriman State Park for the summer and very close to our camp is a airplane crash site you can hike to and explore. There is also a plaque commemorating the occurrence. You would never know it’s here unless you explored the area.

Look for something that’s unique

What sets where you live a part from anywhere else you’ve been? Does your town boast the biggest ball of yarn? Does your local pizza place make deep fried stuffed pizza, topped with powdered sugar? Mine does. Does your town have a tea shop that offers afternoon tea? Find what’s different about where you live and savor it.

Research your town/city history

Dive into the history and learn things you may never have known. For example, where I grew up there is a small local museum. I learned that some of the world’s oldest trees have been discovered there on a recent excavation! Not only do I now have an interesting fact about where I grew up but I can now take some measure of pride in that place as well.

Check for local events

Too many times people don’t bother to see if there is anything going on in their neighborhood. Check out the calendar of events for your area. (I do this when I travel to see what the locals are doing.) You might find an event that interests you like a re-enactment or a painting class.

I did this recently and noticed that the local Brewery was hosting a tasting of their new ale and wanted some local opinion. You never know what might be offered in your town that might spark a new hobby or make you some new friends.

Ask a Friend

Word of mouth is the best way to get info. Ask your neighbor what is the best thing about living where you live. You might be surprised by their answer. Maybe they have a secret fishing spot that you never knew about. Or they might have a favorite restaurant that you never knew was there.

I recently asked one of my facebook groups “What is the best thing about where you live?” It really makes you think about and appreciate the place you call your home. Ask yourself that question. If you can’t think of anything, ask a friend. Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to see what you can not. Let me know what is great about where you live. Until next time.

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