Fall Capsule Travel Wardrobe


Fall is just around the corner and that means warmer clothes. Traveling in the fall and winter are some of my favorite times to travel. The weather is crisper, the crowds are thinner, and the styles are gorgeous! I have put together this capsule wardrobe to show you that you don\’t have to pack a lot to have a beautiful capsule wardrobe to travel with. This capsule will last you 1-2 weeks on the road.

Mix and Match

Every single piece can be paired with another. By picking a color scheme you are setting yourself up to have outfits for days. One dress can be paired with leggings and a cardigan one day and a scarf and henley another day. It\’s all about mixing and matching. Below I\’ve provided the links where you can find many of the items featured above or scourer your closet, you never know what you can resurrect from last season.

Layering is key

Traveling in the cooler months it is key to pack layers. Layers provide warmth without the bulk. Forget all those bulky sweaters you love. Try to limit those to two and no more. You want to be able to save as much room as you can for souvenirs. That may mean a coat you\’ve been searching for or a new pair of boots.

Capsule wardrobes are the key to packing light

More and more people want to get to their destination and not wait for this luggage, so they\’ve turned to packing light. Capsules are the best way to minimize the number of clothes you bring and maximize the number of outfit options. If you need help building your own capsule wardrobe check out my post on How to Create a Basic Capsule Wardrobe.

Do you have any great packing tips? What do you do to minimize what you bring? Let me know in the comments. I\’m always looking for tips on how to save room in my suitcase. Until next time.
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