Five last minute Christmas Gifts for the traveler in your life.

Are you struggling to find a present for the travelers in your life? No need to worry here five ideas for gifts you can put together last minute that any traveler would love to receive.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Any traveler can tell you one of the best things to receive are items that make their travel easier. Noise-canceling headphones are a game-changer, don\’t let anyone tell you differently. I highly recommend either the Airpod pros ($199 on sale from $249 on Amazon) or Sony\’s WH-1000XM4 ($278 on Amazon). Although both are similar in price, the biggest difference is in the size. The Airpods of earbuds and Sony is an over the ear traditional headphone. Either way, the noise-canceling capabilities are amazing. I have the Airpod pros and the noise-canceling option has saved my sanity on several occasions.

Create a Themed Travel box


This is a great opportunity to give someone a gift that is customized to their interests. I love creating these travel boxes for friends. These gift boxes can be any theme you choose. For example, a London travel-themed box could include a destination map, snacks from England, a box of tea with a British themed teacup, a guide book, or destination themed book. Use your imagination and it will be greatly appreciated.

Customized Toiletry kit


When I say customized I mean you pick out the products you know the person you\’re giving the gift to would love. Start with a great toiletry bag. Fill it with hand lotion, Q-tips, Shampoo, Conditioner, their favorite perfume or cologne, face cleanser, and whatever else you think your traveler might appreciate.

Travel Kit


Different from the toiletry kit in that you want to build a gift with items that your traveler will use on their adventures. Think of items that will make their travel more enjoyable. Your kit could include a book, a notebook, pen, a blanket shawl which can be used as a blanket or scarf, a travel pillow, or any other items you think your traveler might love. I like the one in the photo which you can find on Amazon. It includes a foot hammock which I love to use for long trips.

Create a custom travel map!


Lastly, one gift any traveler loves, maps! will create custom flight and road trip maps for you. It\’s a great gift to give someone who loves to travel. You can commemorate an anniversary, honeymoon, first solo adventure, or any other trip! You will be giving your traveler a great memory every time they look at the map.

So there you have it, five great ideas for last-minute gifts for the traveler in your life.  What are some of your last-minute ideas for travel gifts? Let me know in the comments. Until next time.

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