Staycations (How to keep your sanity during this time of Social distancing.)

Let\’s be honest. Social distancing is something we all need to adhere to at this time. However, that doesn\’t mean that we have to stay indoors. If we did we would all have cabin fever. It\’s just as important to get fresh air and stay hydrated as it is to keep our distance. All of these things can be done remotely with friends. Connect with your friends and family on Facetime or Skype and share the fun. Here are some ways to make the most of your time at home, without driving each other crazy and create a memorable staycation.

Have a Spa day.


Everyone loves a bit of pampering. Set up a spa in your living room or den. Get into your comfy robe, slip on your favorite slippers and put on some relaxing spa music. You can take turns with your family members and give each other manicures, pedicures, and facials. Don\’t forget to have some cucumber water as a refreshing beverage. If you can\’t get out to the store to get the supplies you need, there are plenty of home recipes you can make. Here are some recipes that you can make at home.

DIY Oatmeal Face Mask – from

DIY Edible Mud Mask – from

9 Spa At-Home Recipes – from

5 DIY Spa Waters – from

Go for a walk/run or just move.


No matter where you live you should be able to get outside. Get out and go for either a walk or a run. Take your indoor work out outside. Get out that restless energy. You may have to distance yourself from others but that doesn\’t mean you have to sit on your butt and do nothing.

If you have little ones with you all day. Make it a game. Take them outside and have a field day. Create obstacle courses. You\’ll tire them out and they\’ll have so much fun.

Take a trip to your local park.


Take the opportunity to head to that park you\’ve always wanted to visit. Take that hike you always meant to and just haven\’t gotten around to. Get outside. Take a trip to explore one of our National Parks. These are vast swaths of land where you can be at one with nature and a lot of times you\’ll be lucky to see another person. A couple of years ago I was at the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. Although it was a gorgeous spring day on a weekend, I only saw cars in any parking lot I stopped in. I never saw another person. It\’s a great way to see America\’s natural beauty, stop yourselves from going stir crazy and creating a great vacation memory with your family and/or friends.

Create a Bootcamp weekend


Are you still putting off getting in shape? Do you need something to kick you in the butt? Why not take your staycation and make it a Bootcamp weekend? There are a ton of free workouts on YouTube, everything from Yoga to at-home CrossFit workouts. Take a couple of days to put yourself through the paces and create a new habit. You can even get the family in on it and your friends. If you live alone you can Facetime with friends/family so that you won\’t be without a workout buddy.

Here\’s a quick Bootcamp template that you can apply to several days, just rinse and repeat. In a few days, you\’ll feel better and you\’ll have activities for you and your friends and family to participate in while at home.

AM – Wake up Yoga


Mid-morning – Circuit Training


Afternoon – Cardio or HIIT Training


PM – Relax or unwind Yoga/Stretching

Set up a Film Festival.


Take a day or two and schedule a series of movies to view. Pick movies that you haven\’t seen or create a theme. Make all your favorite movie snacks or make some themed snacks and set up your living room like a theater! After each movie, you can rate them with your guests. Here are a couple of themes for your film festival.

Wizarding World of Adventure – Use this Harry Potter theme to watch all the movies in the franchise as well as try some of the treats created for that world. Everyone can find their house through the Wizarding World website and dress up in their house colors. Make an event out of it. You can find games on Pinterest to play along with the movies while sipping on your favorite Butterbeer.

A Night in Cannes – For the more discerning movie watcher. Pick a slew of independent and oscar worthy movies and create fancy cocktails named after films while you sit in fancy dress and nosh on canapes. Not only is it a fancy night in but you can play dress up and break up the monotony while at home.

Marvel Movie Marathon – Watch all the movies from Ironman to End Game and dress up as your favorite superhero. The kids will love it and who doesn\’t love a good Superhero movie.

Eat, Pray, Love – Take all those great feel-good self-actualization movies and have a good soul cleansing. In between eat all your favorite foods and get in a little yoga.

No matter what you pick, be creative and enjoy this downtime.

DIY Crafting Day


Have you always wanted to learn how to knit or draw? Is there a DIY project you just haven\’t had the time to tackle? I\’m not talking about building a bookcase, but something you\’ve always wanted to do for fun? There are thousands of DIY crafting projects on Pinterest and Skillshare. You can find projects for everything from crocheting to sock puppets. Here are some links to fun projects for adults and kids.

50 Fun DIYs For Adults – by

These 50 Fun Activities for Kids Will Keep Them Entertained for Hours by Good Housekeeping

15 DIY Projects for Couples – by in case you need something to do with your significant other.

Game Night or Day


This is pretty self-explanatory. Set up a game night with whoever you\’re on your staycation with. It can be everything from board games to card and word games. Pick games that are inclusive and you can play for hours! Monopoly anyone? Or would you prefer Charades? Set out some snacks, make your favorite beverages, and get into your comfy clothes. The hours of fun are endless and can turn a boring night into a wonderful memory.

No matter what you pick you\’ll have fun doing something at home that you wouldn\’t normally do. Get creative and enjoy your time at home. Who knows when you\’ll have the opportunity to spend this much time with your loved ones again. What are some of your staycation suggestions? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time.


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