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Weekend Travel/Adventure Ideas

This weekend is the weekend before Valentine’s Day and you may be scrambling to find something to give your significant other. No worries. Here are some ideas for a getaways that will earn you some serious points. Not in a relationship? No problem, these are all things you can do with friends and have a fantastic time. Easy hike with a…

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Top 10 Places to travel in 2017

If you’re anything like me you have written down a list of destinations you want to hit this year. Places that interest you, things you want to see and stuff you want to experience. My list has a couple of places that I love and have visited a lot and then it has some new adventures that I’m looking forward…

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Halloween in Las Vegas

Halloween is right around the corner, next week actually, and if you’re like me you’re kinda excited about it. OK, you’re really excited. I love Halloween, beside the fantastic people watching you have the opportunity to dress up as anything you want! How fun that you can be someone else for a night! Las Vegas, NV is the #3 destination…

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