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One of the biggest mistakes travelers make and how to fix it.

Now imagine that you’ve booked your trip. You have your activities booked and you’re so excited about this amazing vacation that you’ve planned. However, you forgot to think about how you’re going to get to that zip line adventure 20 minutes from where you’re staying. What happens? Well, more than likely you’ll be scrambling to find transportation and may end up…

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Where are you headed this weekend?

It’s a questions we ask when we come in contact with a friend or family. Most of the time we respond with not much or same old. Don’t you want to have something else to say? A story to tell? So get out and do something! Here are some events that are happening this weekend…around the world. Go to an…

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Keeping it Weird…keeping it Awesome. Austin, TX

This weekend I met my friend Margarita for a girls weekend in Austin, TX. Neither of us had ever been there before and with her living in New Jersey and me in Vegas it made for a good midway point. I’m going to give you the run down of the 72 hours we spent in this very cool city. So…

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