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Why I love to Solo Travel

I love solo traveling. I love being able to go where I want and not have to ask others, “What do you want to do?” It’s not to say that traveling with others is a burden. I love anything that allows me to experience somewhere new! It’s just that once you’ve travelled by yourself you realize how liberating travel can…

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Solo Travel through Wales Trip Part 3: Snowdonia

Wales has been one of the most scenic places I’ve been to. The Snowdonia region in the north is no exception. From Caernarfon, I made a beeline into the Snowdonia mountain range and found a little slice of heaven, which I made my home for 2 nights. Things to know before you go. A couple of things to keep in…

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Solo Traveling 101: What to know before you go

Do you find the idea of traveling on your own daunting? Are you nervous about going somewhere unfamiliar on your own? Do you want to travel but don’t have anyone to travel with? I’ve been in your shoes. I know how you feel. I also got past it and have been happily solo traveling for over 15 years. Here are…

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