Top Travel Hacks: Tips for staying organized

I have been traveling for the better part of 20 years. Along the way I’ve picked up a hack or two. Travel hacks help minimize the stress of traveling and every little bit of organization can achieve this. Some of these  you may have used before, some may be new and they work wonders for me.

Packing cubes

No brainer. If you aren’t using these you should be. Not only do they help with keeping your bag organized but they help create more room in your bag. I’ve used a couple of different companies but hands down my favorite compression cubes are by TRIPPED Travel Gear. They have a large opening and are extremely durable. They’re even water resistant!

Create your own Vitamin Packs

I have to admit I got the idea from Carrie Rad. On her YouTube channel she had a sponsor for vitamin packs. Everything you need in an easily disposable packet to be taken one per day. I loved the idea, I already have my vitamins and wanted to figure out a way to create my own packs. Luckily I found the solution in the Container Store of all places.

I purchased a 100 pack of reusable 2” x 2” ziplock bags and labeled each with a day of the week. For example for a three week trip I would have 3 Mondays, 3 Tuesdays, etc. Then fill each one with a day supply of vitamins. It’s quick and easy. You don’t have to pull vitamins from several containers and it’s a huge space saver. Those bags are also great for earrings, rings, and other small jewelry.

Binder Clips

Besides the obvious of keeping important papers, documents, and business cards together they are great for a variety of uses. I always have a couple on hand for snacks. If you get a bag of chips or sweets at the store instead of running the risk of them falling out into your bag I binder clip them. Also, it helps keep them fresh in case you don’t want to eat the entire bag in one go.

Another great use for the binder clip is to cover the head of your razor. If you’re anything like me you’ll end up loosing the guard they give you in the package and then you run the risk of the razor either slicing a hole into the bag or worse yet cutting yourself. If you take a binder clip and clip it over the razor, it stays secure. Added bonus, in the shower you can pop up one of the clamps and it becomes a little hook to hang the razor it if there’s availability for that.

One of the last things I use these amazing versatile gadgets for is as a cord keeper. Make sure that the cord fits comfortably in the clip and ensure that none of the cord is pinched by the binder. It’s a great way to keep all your cords separate and organized. Binder clips really are the Swiss Army knifes of the office. 😉

Anything you need to pull out for TSA, put in your personal bag.

If you don’t have Global Entry or TSA Precheck, or if you’re traveling with someone who doesn’t have it you’ll have to remove your liquids and any electronic device larger than your phone, to get through TSA. Do yourself a favor and put all of those items in your personal bag. I know this isn’t a crazy tip but you’d be surprised by how many people I still see digging through their carryon bag to pull out these items. If you keep them in your personal bag you won’t have to open your carryon at all and you’ll breeze through that section of the TSA line then all you have to do is wait to get scanned.

Shoe Covers

Shoe covers come in so many varieties and for some reason so many people do not cover their shoes! They just throw them in their bag with all of their clean clothes. I use shoe bags. They keep your shoes separate and in turn keep your clothes free from shoe dirt. There are a number of other options you can use. I’ve used a shower cap, to cover the base of my shoes. You can use a plastic bag, which takes up no room when not in use or you can even use a ziplock bag. Whatever you use, get in the habit of covering your shoes before putting them in your bag. Think about it, would you really want whatever you’ve been walking in to be able to touch the clothes that you have to wear on your trip? Me neither.

Bring an extra battery pack

Too many times I’ve been exploring for a full day and have drained the battery on my phone, luckily I always have an extra battery pack on hand. The caliber of battery is getting smaller and more efficient all the time. I use a small 5000 mAh power bank by Metecsmart which is light and the size of a credit card but there are hundreds of options on the market. 

Document organization app

One of the worst things while you’re traveling is to misplace or lose a set of directions you need or an access code for your lodgings. There are several apps out there that help you to organize your trip one I like is called Check My Trip. The app allows you to forward all of your travel documents from your email and organizes them in date order for you to refer to and use.

The other thing I do is use my Google calendar. I keep everything on my calendar. It’s a great way to organize your trip and have everything in one place. Google calendar has so many functions that most people don’t use. One of those features is that you can attach documents to an event on the calendar. So all of those travel documents that might get misplaces are now at your fingertips. Just create an event, ie. Flight to Paris, on the date you’re flying. Then click on the paper clip icon and attach any travel documents you might need for that day.

Jewelry holder or pill case?

Some people love to travel with a ton of jewelry, I’m not one of those people but I do like to have options. I bring all of my jewelry in a pill case. It’s great because it keeps all of your earring, rings and necklaces in their own separate compartments so that it eliminates tangles.

What are some of your travel hacks? Share them in the comments. Until next time.


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