Winter Capsule Wardrobe

I love capsule wardrobes, it is the only way to travel. Capsules allow you to bring multiple outfits with a minimal amount of clothing. This does not change in the winter months and winter is my preferred time to travel. Winter capsules are all about layering and getting the most of these important items. Here are some tips for creating a capsule for winter travel.


It\’s all about layering

So there are a couple of things to consider when putting together your winter capsule for travel. You want to make sure that you have layers. Two to three base layers can make all the difference. I like to bring a couple of long sleeve shirts which I can layer under my sweaters or on their own. I also like to bring a couple of camis or tank tops. These are great for a next to skin layer that will keep your core warm and provide a little less heat when needed.

Almost everything should serve a dual purpose

You want to make sure that all of the items you pick go with everything else you pick. All of your clothes should also be dual purposed, except for maybe your coat. For example, you can wear your base layers as your pajamas, or workout gear.

Footwear… keep it simple

You should pick shoes that you can dress up and/or down and will match everything. I like to keep it to two pairs. Make sure that both pairs are comfortable. Boots should be waterproof or water-resistant and have great traction. I always pack a pair of sneakers. For me, it\’s a pair of Vessi\’s. They are waterproof, great for running, hiking, and walking around all day. They also look great with jeans or a dress.

Should I pack a dress?

I always do. Dresses are the easiest for travel days or if you need something for a nice dinner. For winter travel I\’ve included a sweater dress. It\’s what I wear for the flight, paired with a pair of comfortable leggings. Not only do you look put together regardless of how long your flight was but you will be comfortable.

What about outerwear? What should I look for?

The type of coat you bring will depend on what type of activities you are planning to do when you travel. If you\’re going to a city and plan on seeing a lot of tourist sights you\’re probably going to want something that is a little more stylish. If you decide that you want to be outdoors more and be more active pick a coat system.

Typically I travel with an Eddie Bauer system. It\’s a black puffy coat that goes to above my knee and that clips into a warm rain shell. I found this the perfect jacket system to travel with. For colder climates, you only have to layer the coats together, and having a waterproof shell helps in the more temperate climates. I\’ve also traveled with a long wool coat, like the one above. It\’s a dressier option but if it\’s only snowing where you\’re going you won\’t need anything else unless you decide to go hiking.

How many outfits can I get out of a capsule?

That depends on how many pieces you bring. If you were to use the capsule above as a guide you can get at least 20 plus combinations out of the 15 items I have listed above. (And I\’m not including the hat or coat.) I have traveled for three weeks with the combination I have listed in the capsule and probably could have gone for longer. You\’ll be surprised how little you really need when you travel.

What are the benefits of using a capsule system for packing?

The first and best thing about capsule packing is that all of your clothes will fit in a carry on and you won\’t have to check your bag! Also, you\’ll notice when you pack a capsule of clothing you will see there is room for souvenirs! One of the other benefits is that your outfits are chosen for you. You don\’t have to sit there wasting precious vacation time trying to decide what to wear. Since everything in your suitcase goes together all you\’ll have to do is pick which outfit will suit the weather outside. Lastly, you\’ll save your body some aches and pains. When you pack with a capsule system you will have fewer things to bring with you. Your bags will be lighter and easier to carry, so whether you\’re a backpacker or a suitcase roller you won\’t have to struggle with the weight of your bag!

How can I start my own capsule wardrobe?

Check out my post on building a basic capsule wardrobe here. How to create your own capsule wardrobe.

If you find that you\’re stuck in the process of creating your own capsule, shoot me a message, I\’d be more than happy to help. What are some of the tricks you use when building your capsule? What are some musts that you travel with during the winter season? Let me know in the comments. Until next time.

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