Would you stay in a Lighthouse?

(Feature image of Lighthouse on the Coast Guard base in Portsmouth, NH)

I have been looking through Airbnb in their unusual accommodations section. Have you seen this? It\’s pretty cool there\’s everything from tree houses to caravans and everything in between. I\’ve always wanted to stay in a castle and lately I\’ve been interested in lighthouses. Would you stay in a lighthouse? I would.

Not long after college I was dating a guy who was in the Coast Guard and stationed in Saugerties, NY. One day he introduced me to one of his friends, who was a lighthouse keeper. What a fantastic job, right? We would go out and grill with him occasionally, share beers and go for kayak trips on the Hudson. It seemed like a pretty good life.

Living full time at the Saugerties lighthouse, the lighthouse keeper was responsible for the upkeep and operation of the bed and breakfast. This particular lighthouse was remote. You would park your car and then carry everything you would need for your stay to the lighthouse over a quarter mile, through marsh and awkward bridges. After your adventure you are greeted by an inviting two bedroom lighthouse with some modern amenities. There was no internet available, computer or TV and you are even requested to leave your hairdryer at home.

Recently I\’ve found myself thinking about that lighthouse and wondering if there were any other lighthouses with available accommodations. That is when I stumbled upon The United States Lighthouse Society. A directory listing all of the lighthouses, by state, featuring everything from bed and breakfasts to hostels and vacation rentals. I will definitely be looking for a lighthouse to stay in this upcoming year!

Have you ever stayed in a lighthouse? Ever wanted to? Let me know in the comments. Until next time!

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