10 Must Haves for your Road Trip


I don\’t care when you go on a road trip, whether it\’s the summer or the winter, you will need some staples to ensure that you make the most out of your road trip. Since I\’m gearing up for my own I\’ve really been thinking about this. On Pinterest you will find

Road trips are unique to other travels because instead of packing what you need, you also have to think about eventualities. For example, you must have a kit for if you happen to break down, knock on wood you don\’t. This should include some kind of roadside assistance and traffic cones of some sort but I\’ll get into it a little bit more later.

Below are 10 must haves for your Road Trip.

  1. As I mentioned earlier, a Roadside Assistance Kit

    This might sound like duh, but it\’s something that is frequently overlooked. Your kit can include many things but should include the following:

    • First Aid Kit (you never know when you might need to bandage a nick)
    • Traffic cones (at least one to place at the back traffic side corner of your car)
    • Roadside assistance information (AAA or something similar, I have roadside assistance through my Mini dealership, see if you can obtain something similar.)
    • Flashlight
    • A liter of water (This is not only great if your radiator overheats but you may also find yourself waiting a while for assistance, staying hydrated is important.)
    • Snack bars (similar to water, you might be waiting a while.)
  2.  Epic Playlist. 

    Driving can be tedious, especially if you are trying to get to a destination you haven\’t been to before. You just want to get there, but make getting there part of the fun. I love putting together travel mixes on Amazon Music and having them for the car ride so I can sing along.

  3. Entertainment.

    Make sure you have some Podcasts & Audiobooks. Singing will only take you so far, sometimes it\’s good to just listen to someone else talk for a while. Audiobooks and Podcasts can help you catch up on those books you were longing to read or you can stay up to date on current events while you drive.

  4. A Map.

    Ok, some of you might scoff, but remember Google maps and GPS are subject to error, and sometimes don\’t even work. Recently a woman got lost in the Grand Canyon trying to follow her GPS and it failed her. She ran out of gas and was stuck in the desert for 5 days before she was rescued. If she had brought a map she could have avoided this mishap. Bring along a Roadmap or Road atlas and learn how to read it. It can be an invaluable skill and potentially save you grief.

  5. Hand sanitizer or Baby wipes or both.

    These are great when you don\’t have a place to wash your hands. Many road stop bathrooms leave a bit to be desired, having something to sanitize yourself with is a plus. Also, it\’s great if you\’re eating on the road for quick clean up.

  6. Portable charger or charging dock.

    I\’m not the only one who has been out somewhere and your phone is low on battery. There are a couple of options to keep your much-needed phone charged in the event of an emergency or if you just need to repeat your favorite song over and over again. I have both options. I have a duel car charger which you can plug into your dc outlet and a portable duel charger which you can charge at home before you head out. You can never have too much power, am I right?

  7. Camera.

    For so many reasons, to be able to record your travels and to have memories. You may not always be able to take a souvenir from wherever you are but you can have a visual image of it. So have a camera whether it\’s your phone or a digital camera.

  8. I-Exit app.  

    I have tried a ton of different apps in regards to Roadtripping. From the Roadtripping app to Gas Buddy. I have to say I-Exit is the most comprehensive. They include a great feature where they list the prices of the gas stations on the exit on your route which can help you to save money on your trip. I really can\’t say enough good things about this app. I have found food, gas, and hotels all much more reasonable than other apps. In my opinion, if you\’re Road tripping in today get the I-Exit app.

  9. A Go Bag.

    This is great to have no matter what. It\’s almost as important as your Roadside kit! A Go Bag also helps you to be more efficient when you travel. Instead of having your big piece of luggage and carrying it in and out of hotels or B-n-B\’s put together an essentials bag filled with toiletries, flip-flops, a change of clothes and pajamas. It will save you so much time and headache while you\’re traveling, believe me!

  10. Window heat shield.

    Or a Sunshade, either way, this is great for two reasons, 1) you keep your car cooler when the sun is beating down and 2) added security. If you\’re traveling you\’re bound to have more stuff in your car than you wanted to, if people cannot see in, they cannot see what\’s inside, therefore you\’re giving yourself an added piece of mind.

So that\’s my 10 must haves for any Road Trip. What are some of your must haves? Let me know! Until next time.


  • soberinvegas April 21, 2017 at 8:56 am

    great list! I have never used the I-exit app but will definitely try it on our next adventure! 🙂


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