10 travel movies to watch while in insolation that will take you on a journey.

During this time of isolation, anyone who has wanderlust is going to suffer a bit. Believe me, I\’m itching to travel!!! However, in the meantime, these movies are getting me through and they\’re a great escape as well. A good movie, like a book, has a way of transporting you to a certain place and time. The really good movies feature their location splendidly. Here\’s a list of 10 movies, in no particular order, that will transport you and hopefully assuage your wanderlust.

1. Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)- Italy


If you had been planning a trip to Italy this is a fantastic movie. It gives a good overview of Italy. You\’ll go from Cortona to Rome to Positano. Based on the book by Francis Mayes, by the same name, you go along a journey with Francis through Italy. While on a bus tour she sees a sign for a house that\’s for sale. It needs work and but proceeds to buy it on the spot. The landscapes are breathtaking and the story is beautiful. It\’s a movie that will inspire you to travel and purchase a house abroad!

2. Midnight in Paris (2011) – Paris, France


I adore this movie. It\’s witty, smart and does a great job of featuring Paris. You travel from the Champs-Elysées to the gardens of the Versailles and back in time to hang out with members of the Lost Generation. You meet historical figures and see their Paris. It\’s a creative screenplay with the gorgeous backdrop of Paris that has something for everyone.

3. The Quiet Man (1952) – Ireland


This is a fantastic classic. If you want to travel to Ireland this is the movie to watch. John Wayne returns to his birthplace and ends up falling in love with a local beauty who is played by Maureen O\’Hara. However, the main star of this movie is the cinematography. They\’ve redone it into technicolor and it\’s stunning. It highlights Connemara National Park which is one of my favorite places. Called the Irish Highlands, you will see gorgeous valleys, waterfalls, and steep mountains. Pop this on and watch the beauty unfold.

4. National Parks: America\’s Best Idea by Ken Burns (2009) – USA


This 6 part series goes over the origins of the National Parks in America and highlights the spectacular beauty the US has to offer. The series includes what the parks looked like before they were made into National Parks and how they\’ve transformed over the years. If you want to get lost in natural beauty, this is the series for you.

5. National Lampoon\’s European Vacation (1985) – Various locations in Europe


Talk about a movie that encapsulates all of the things that could possibly go wrong on vacation. This one does that while making you laugh. Even now I watch the movie and I think thank goodness that never happened to me on any of my travels but you can\’t help but laugh at the idiocy of it all. Apart from all that the scenery makes you want to travel and you do with the Griswalds. From London to Stonehenge (where they knocked it over) to Paris, Germany, and Rome. It\’s a fun romp that will entertain you.

6. To Catch a Thief (1955) – French Riviera


This movie has been redone a couple of times but the original with Grace Kelly and Cary Grant is by far the best. Although in black and white the real star is the scenery. Set in the sparkling French Riviera you cannot help but be captivated by how the other half lives in this paradise.

7. In Bruges (2008) – Bruges, Belgium


This movie made me want to go to Bruges. The movie is a great dark comedy starring Colin Ferrell, who plays an Irish hitman who finds himself \”stuck\” in Bruges, but the scenery again steals the show. Bruges is one of those places that is just magical from the canals to the dutch architecture you almost forget to follow the storyline.

8. Any James Bond Film…Ever. (Since 1962)


No matter which James Bond film you watch you\’re in for a cinematic treat. Every one of them showcases the countries they take place in just be ready for an action-packed thrill ride. The cinematography is stunning depending on which movie you watch you could be in Italy, Morocco, Austria, England, Scotland, Africa or South America to name a few. These movies are the reason I wanted to be a spy when I was growing up. As I got older it was the travel that I loved, not so much the spy business. Either way, definitely a great series.

9. Romancing the Stone (1984) – Columbia


I loved this movie growing up. Michael Douglas is a treasure hunter who teams up with Kathleen Turner, who find themselves being chased through the Columbian jungle while finding lust in the process. From lust rainforests to amazing waterfalls, who doesn\’t want to go swinging from a vine through that jungle? The movie is fun if not a little campy but great entertainment.

10. Lord of the Rings Trilogy (2001 – 2003) – New Zealand


I could have picked many other movies and yes quite a bit of this was CGI\’d but it was filmed on location in New Zealand and it made me wonder if that scenery really did exist. It does. All of the mountain shots and the gorgeous waterfalls are all real and inspired me to plan a trip to New Zealand. The trilogy is, of course, well written and has a huge fan following but I think the scenery is what is amazing about these movies.

What are some of your favorite travel movies that inspire you to travel? Let me know in the comments.

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