Monthly Archives : March 2016

Exploring the World outside your Front Door.

Have you ever explored the area you live in? It’s a common neglect most people make. I used to live in New York City but it took me moving out or having a friend visit to actually do some of the touristy things I should have done while I lived there, like going to Ellis Island and the Statue of…

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So Cal… is it all that the commercials suggest?

Last week I drove out to my friend’s beach house in Carlsbad, CA for a couple of days to rest and recharge. Carlsbad is a comfortable beach town in the Southern region of California. In March the town was quiet. Locals patrolled the beach and the main street, taking an easy pace. There were many runners and bikers who, if…

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London Bridge…in Arizona.

Hello! Two weekends ago I had a friend in town and she graciously accompanied me on a two and a half hour road trip from Las Vegas to Lake Havasu in Arizona. Everything I have ever known about Lake Havasu is that it’s a party lake. Everyone has a house boat or pontoon boat and they drink their days away.…

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