What’s your travel playlist?

I read a lot…I mean a lot…and I’ve noticing a string of articles about “travel playlists.” Of course I’m reading these articles while I’m making my own travel playlist of song that remind me of home. Which led me to wonder…do other people have playlists for places they’ve traveled to? Soundtracks of your life?

London will always have a constant playlist of Coldplay’s Clocks, because that’s what Virgin Atlantic played on the trip over and The Clash’s London Calling, because for some reason it reminds me of Camden Market. Or every time I hear Rooney’s When Did Your Heart Go Missing, I’ll think of that crazy tiny club in Berlin when my friends and I took over the even smaller stage to dance on.

Blues Traveler’s The Mountains Win Again, and almost every Dave Matthews Band song, takes me back to summers between college when I worked up at a camp in the Adirondacks. Music can stir such wonderful memories of places, friends and times in your life.

Music also helps me get excited for upcoming trips. Just before heading to Austin, I found myself listening to a lot of country music…granted we didn’t hear any country music in Austin, but that’s what I though I would hear.

It also helps calm me on my journeys. I’m a pretty easy traveler. I usually let most things roll off my back, it’s probably because I’m listening to the playlists I’ve made for that travel. So what’s your travel playlists? Are there songs you cannot travel without? Till next time.

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