5 Reasons to try Airbnb…and 5 reasons you shouldn\’t


In the past month, I have stayed in quite a few Airbnbs ranging from very good to WOW I cannot believe I stayed there! One thing is for sure if you decide to go Airbnb or not it is a great option for traveling today.

Airbnb is obviously not for everyone. The idea of staying at someone else\’s house, someone you\’ve never met before, takes a little getting used to. However, if you\’re adventurous and like to make new friends but are perhaps over staying in Hostels then Airbnb might be for you. Here are some reasons to stay and some reasons to give it a miss.

  1. You have to potential to live like a local. I find this one of the best reasons to try out Airbnb. It\’s a great way to stay in an area of a city you may have yet to explore. Perhaps it\’s your 15th time visiting this one city and you want more of an authentic experience. You can rent a whole apartment or house, depending on your budget, and experience living there. It\’s a great way to travel. \"OLYMPUS
  2. It tends to be cheaper than staying in a hotel…and sometimes cheaper than a hostel. Again depending on what you select you can stay in an Airbnb for a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere. In North Vancouver, I stayed in an amazing Airbnb. I rented one of the rooms in this huge house and had full use of the kitchen, laundry facilities, and off-street parking for $28 a day! I couldn\’t find a hostel cheaper than that!\"29A43B6A-0CAB-4F96-B2DC-F584A03B4719\"
  3. You can stay in some pretty amazing places. Traveling up the Oregon Coast there are some options for places to stay but few that are right on the beach and affordable. I stayed in this tiny town called Neskowin, that had a seasonal population and the nearest hotel was 20 minutes away in the next town. I stayed on the beach and had a fantastic view, along with a roaring fire that the host kept up. The only other opportunity I would\’ve had to stay somewhere like that was if I knew someone with a house there. Airbnb gives you the opportunity.
  4. You get to meet some great people. Generally, the people who decide to allow strangers to stay in their homes are pretty interesting people and pretty open as well. The majority of the hosts that I\’ve had are wonderful. They are helpful with directions or information that you might need. One place I stayed in Sioux Falls, SD provided a list of activities within walking distance and breakfast!
  5. You pay in advance. Some of you might not consider this a plus, but I think it\’s fantastic. If you\’re able to pay for as much of your trip as you can on the front end there is less expense while traveling, which provides me with some peace of mind.

With good, there is always things to consider here are the 5 reasons Airbnb might not be for you.

  1. You\’re staying in someone else\’s house! This is something that might weird some people out. And let\’s be real the idea can be unnerving, especially because you\’ve never met this person before.
  2. You\’re someone who needs a concierge. Understandably, however, there will not be one in an Airbnb. You\’ll be lucky if you are fortunate enough to have a host who puts together a comprehensive guide of what\’s available around you. (Like the hosts in South Dakota).
  3. You\’re very particular. If you\’re a particular person then staying in an Airbnb will provide too many variables. You won\’t know if there is great water pressure. You won\’t know if you have a limited supply of hot water. You won\’t know if you have to wash your dishes by hand or if you will have access to a dishwasher. Like I said too many variables.
  4. You want to be in the middle of all the action. You will be able to find Airbnbs in cities but usually, they tend to be in the residential areas of cities, where apartments and houses are built. For that, you may have to figure out public transportation.
  5. You don\’t want to share the space and don\’t want to pay a lot or you would\’ve stayed in a hostel. Hate to break it to you but then your options are limited. However, there are options to rent whole places through Airbnb and if you\’re traveling with a friend that cost is cut in half. If you\’re by yourself and on a budget, you might have to suck it up and forgo some luxuries.


No matter what you decide, you should at least give Airbnb a go. Just remember before booking to always read the reviews. Make sure you look through them and see if there are any negatives. It will help you to temper your expectations and select the place that is perfect for what you need. Until next time.

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