5 Reasons Why Memorial Day should be celebrated.


This post is hitting on Memorial Day. The last Monday of May every year we as Americans celebrate Memorial Day. There are a ton of reasons as to why you should celebrate, but let me give you my top 5 reasons for celebrating, in no particular order.

  1. Day Off. 

    For those of us in the States, Memorial Day is a three-day weekend. Who doesn\’t want to celebrate about that? This is the first official three-day weekend break we have since February\’s President\’s Day. For many of us, that means that it has been three-four long months without an extended weekend and that\’s a cause for celebration.

  2. Time with Family and Friends. 

    Memorial day is one of those holidays where you really don\’t have to be anywhere. Sure there are parades going on in almost every town you visit. In the morning you attend the local parade and by lunch, you\’re hanging out with your family and friends on a deck outside with a cold beer and a burger in your hand. It\’s one of those rare occasions where you don\’t have to give presents, you just enjoy each other\’s company are thankful for those around you.

  3. Summer Kickoff! 

    Memorial Day weekend tends to be the start of the summer season. It ushers us into all things bright and warm and wonderful. We love Memorial Day because we allow ourselves to trust that winter is finally over and the temperatures are starting to rise. Then before we know it we\’re at the lake or the beach and we\’re enjoying Summer.

  4. Grilling! 

    With summer comes cooking outdoors and Memorial Day weekend is the unspoken acknowledgment that grilling season is here. Of course, if you live in the South you\’ve probably been grilling for a while already but in the Northeast come rain or shine you\’re grilling Memorial Day weekend and you\’re enjoying everything about it.

  5. Celebration to remember our Fallen Heroes. 

    Yes, we have Veterans Day and that day we do use to celebrate those who have served in our country\’s military. Those who are still fighting that battle today and those who have since ended their military careers, either through retirement or conclusion of their tours. Memorial Day, however, is celebrated to honor those military men and women, who have given their lives to preserve our freedom. It was established as a day to honor the dead after the Civil War in 1868. It wasn\’t until the National Holiday Act was passed in 1971 that Memorial day became its own holiday.

So this Memorial Day, grab your family and friends and enjoy your time with them while you remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. Until next time.


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