5 signs it might be time to take a trip


Summer is here and although the weather is better, if you\’re an adult, then more than likely you\’re working. We all would rather be outside, enjoying the sun but as my friend, Lisa said the other day, \”Adulting is hard!\” AMEN! On this journey of life, we are so focused on the end game that we forget to value the now. Here are 5 signs that it\’s time to take a break from the hustle and enjoy some time exploring.

  1. Everything is irritating you.

    Yep, it\’s number one but it\’s because it\’s the most noticeable one. Normally you might be a very even-tempered person but lately, your husband can\’t do anything right, your boss is the biggest nagger in the world and your friends sound like the adults on Charlie Brown. Time to take a break away.

  2. You\’re forgetting things, more.

    Ok, so typically you may forget to do the odd task if you don\’t write it down but you notice that you are so crazed that you\’re dropping the ball left and right. Time to take a break away.

  3. You are completely bored with everything.

    Nothing excites you. Someone could suggest going to the new (insert your favorite actor/actress here) movie and he/she spends the whole movie topless, and you\’re still not interested. You really need to take a break…please!

  4. You find yourself zoning out…all the time.

    You find it hard to focus on conversations or your work. You\’re having trouble being present. It happens, because you\’re burnt out and you need to get away. Take a break.

  5. You\’re constantly dreaming of being somewhere else.

    This should not need explanation. The fact is you would rather be somewhere else, then go there and get it out of your system. Please, please, PLEASE…TAKE A BREAK.

So the next time you find yourself in one of the above situations, take a minute, log onto Airbnb or Skyscanner and find somewhere to go for a quick weekend. Relax, recharge and come back refocused. Until next time.

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