Art Auctions this week… the Perfect Christmas gift. ;)

Sotheby\’s London is holding their Victorian, Pre-Raphaelite & British Impressionist Art Auction this week. In my opinion one of the best gifts you can get someone is a Master work of art. Not only is it an investment but if someone is buying you this caliber of art …they must really love you or have so much money the price tag doesn\’t matter.

That being said the large majority of us are probably looking to spend a little less on our Christmas gifts. Below I\’ve listed some of my favorite gifts for this holiday season, for all price ranges. So if you\’re still rushing to purchase gifts (like me) or are a last minute shopper, hopefully these few suggestions can lighten your load.

Let\’s get started.

For the avid reader/traveler: One of my favorite travel accessories is my Kindle. I don\’t go anywhere without it. It comes in a couple of different styles. Basic, Paperwhite, Voyager and Oasis. Depending on your price point and which capabilities you\’re looking for. I have a Paperwhite and I love it. All Kindles are 7 oz or less.


Looking for something with more capabilities than just reading? Tablets are a fantastic gift. Today tablets are quickly replacing laptops, since they have the same capabilities at a lower price point.


  • iPad Pro: $599 – $799. For a lower price point and with just as many capabilities as the Surface, the iPad pro is an amazing alternative to a laptop. Fast and light the iPad Pro is one of Apple\’s biggest sellers.

Memories are always a great gift! Anytime you can provide a cherished memory, it will be greatly appreciated.


  • Create a canvas from a photo: With prices starting at $8 for an 8×8 print, Easy Canvas Prints is offering a discount of 85% off.
  • Create a paper calendar. As long as you have a printer and a computer you can make a calendar for your family/friends including favorite photos and special dates each month. You don\’t have to spend a lot of money to show someone you care.

For any anyone…really!


  • Lululemon\’s Vinyasa Scarf $119. This might be a high price point for a scarf but well worth the investment. I have two and these scarfs have saved me from the cold on more than one occasion. This scarf converts to a shawl and can be used as a blanket (I have done both!). Wear it to the movies, on a plane…anywhere.

For the artist in your life! My roommate is an artist. On a daily basis she sculpts hair into perfect updo\’s for brides on their wedding day and they are works of art. For someone who is creative like her Michael\’s or Hobby Lobby is a goldmine!

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What are some of your suggestions? There are tons of ideas and really it doesn\’t matter how much you spend or what you get the person as long as it\’s thoughtful and comes from the heart. Believe me that will mean more than a Warhol any day! Until next time.

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  • JESS @PT CONTENDER December 13, 2016 at 5:00 pm

    Ooh love the canvas photo idea! I can definitely see myself using that one soon :)) thanks!


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