Best of 2016?

Hello! Sorry about the delay. Last week was a bit hectic, but that\’s life isn\’t. I\’ve been doing a lot of reading lately. Everyone has their \”best places to visit in 2016\”. So I\’m curious what does Conde Nast and Frommer\’s think is the best places to visit this year? But isn\’t that too vague? What do they mean by the best? Best value? Best cultural experience? Best luxury vacation?

I think the best place to travel in 2016 is wherever you want to go! That\’s the best travel. I have a list, everyone has a list. Their top places they want to travel to…dream vacations, etc. Is there a better time of year to travel to these destinations? Absolutely! You don\’t want to spend the majority of your trip in a monsoon or a blizzard for that matter! Then again that might be your cup of tea, who\’s to judge.

Below I\’ve listed the most common destinations found from reading the lists of Lonely Planet, National Geographic Traveler, AFAR, Frommer\’s and Travel + Leisure. In no particular order:

Hokkaido, Japan

Poland\’s Lake District

Australia\’s West Coast

Anywhere with a National Park in the US



The Grenadines Islands


Belgium (because how can you not want to go to a place that invented the Waffle!)

Costa Rica

Of course there are many more destinations listed on many different websites. Read, research and figure out where it is you want to go. For me this year I\’m going to travel to Europe (because I love it over there), and I\’m aiming for some \”weekend\” breaks to New Orleans, Austin, Portland (Oregon), and San Fran.

Where are you going? Let me know and enjoy the journey as you travel as you desire!

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