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Lately, I\’ve been thinking a lot about running. Why you may ask? I\’ve been asking myself the same question. I used to love running… well let me digress. I started off with a slight disdain for running, then after running consistently, I began to tolerate it, which then turned to love.

Then I hurt my knee, actually I tore the meniscus. I had to have surgery. My doctor told me I wouldn\’t be running marathons ever again. Now, this isn\’t a story about how I overcame an obstacle, told my doctor to shove it and have been running marathons ever since. No, it\’s about how I used an injury as an excuse and now I\’m paying the price for it. A cautionary tale if you will.

When I was told I probably wouldn\’t be running any more marathons I thought, great. I\’ll just run my 3 mile days and be fine. Then I just found that I stopped running unless it was in a WOD and usually no further than 400 meters at a time. So when I would run, my knee would blow up and ache and that gave me all the more reason to stop running. I didn\’t realize that it was scar tissue that I needed to break up and work through. Instead, I used it as an excuse and now I\’m trying to get back into running. Why you might ask? Because when I travel I love using running in order to see the new city I\’m traveling to or explore more of a city I know.

How will I do it? With anything, it\’s about consistency. In order to progress, to see results, you have to be consistent, even when you don\’t want to be. Even when your body is screaming at you and your knee wants to buckle. Even if you had a late night or have been trapped in a car for 8 hours and all you want to do is nothing.

Consistency is the key to progress in anything you do.

Think about it, many people who start working out, do it because they want to make a change. For many it\’s because they want to lose weight, but how did they add all those pounds? By consistently making bad choices in eating and choosing not to exercise. How did I get so bad at running? By consistently making excuses when my knee ached and not doing it.

See it\’s all about consistency. You just have to choose what you want to be consistent about. Making yourself better or letting yourself go? Any elite athlete didn\’t get to be where they are by just talent. It takes a lot of hard work and consistently trying to improve.

This week I\’m not going to give you a travel workout.

Instead, I want you to think about something that you want to change and make a plan to be consistent and change it. Know that anything worth having is not going to be a quick fix. It\’s going to take time and effort, you\’re going to have days where you want to say \”fuck it\” and you\’re going to have days where you feel like you can conquer the world. Try to remember the conquering days and try to dismiss the \”fuck it\” days. No matter what know it\’s a journey. One where you\’ll learn a lot about yourself. Until next time.

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