Epic Road Trip

Road trips are something that people tend to get so excited about. You get your friends together or one of your best friends and you set out with a car and a cooler full of snacks and at least a change of clothes and you head to a beach or the mountains or wherever. The point is you\’re taking a break from the norm and you\’re jumping out of your comfort zone.

I\’ve taken all types of road trips and some of my favorite memories are of trips that I took with my family and/or friends. Motor home trips with my family growing up. Camping trips with my girlfriends where we spent the whole time playing drinking games and being told to shut up by the Park Ranger. Spring Break road trips, mainly to various destinations in Florida or South Carolina, where we probably drank too much but still were able to come away with some great memories.

When I think about those road trips, it\’s not about where we went but the time I spent with those people who were on the road trip with me. You learn a lot about your friends and yourself. Sometimes it\’s good and sometimes bad but no matter what the lessons learned are what helps you to grow.

Right now I\’m on an Epic Road trip…by myself. By the time this posts I will be on day… who knows… of my trip from Las Vegas, NV, up the West Coast, through the upper states and Canada all the way across the country to New York. I\’ll meet people along the way and hopefully make some new friends but mostly I\’ll be spending a lot of time with myself. Many people would be nervous about spending that much time alone, but not me. I truly love my own company.

There\’s a peace that comes with being right with yourself. With being able to sit in a car with no one else but the sound of the tires on the pavement and the purr of your car\’s engine. Sometimes you talk to yourself (intelligently, not crazily…ok maybe sometimes a little crazy), sometimes you dance, sometimes you listen to an audiobook and sometimes you just sit in silence with your own thoughts, or no thoughts at all.

There are a couple of things in the world that help me to completely be in the moment, running, CrossFit, reading, yoga and driving. Now when I say driving I\’m not saying, in a city, I mean on the open road, or a slow windy back road, one you have to concentrate on. Being able to focus on the activity you\’re doing will help you to forget your worries, if you have any.

Anyway I digress, Epic Road trip. What constitutes an Epic one? (Notice the use of the capital e?) If you\’re Barney Simpson, it can be any as long as you announce it to be Leg-en-dary! In my opinion it means any trip where you are able to check off items from your \”bucket\” or as I like to call it \”Life\” lists. For example on my trip I\’ve hit the Oregon coast (on my list), Cannon Beach and Astoria, OR (Goonies trek & my list), Victoria & Vancouver, BC (going tomorrow), to name a few. If you can see places that you\’ve always wanted to see and make them a part of your life, that makes it an Epic trip.

So what do you think makes for an Epic Road trip? Where are some places you want to visit? Until next time.


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