Fall Is Here…find a festival or event to celebrate!

It\’s that time of year when farmers markets reign and Autumn fests spring up almost every weekend.  There doesn\’t seem to be a shortage of activities to do. Fall is the perfect time to go for a hike with friends or plan a getaway. In travel terms, it is one of the least expensive times to travel with the most favorable weather! Most of my past travels have been in the off-season or shoulder-season. Great deals and fewer crowds. It\’s a win, win!

Don\’t be fearful of off-season travel. You get to experience so much more than you would in the high season because people want things to celebrate when the weather turns not so favorable. A chill in the air brings with it Harvest festivals, Holiday markets and a revival of old traditions. I\’ve listed some of the celebrations that are on my wishlist that you might want to check out too.

Check out some international festivals!

 El Dia De Muertos or Day of the Dead celebrated all over Mexico on November 1st, is their way of commemorating those loved ones who they have lost. Don\’t think of it as a sad holiday it\’s actually a huge celebration. They are celebrating the lives of those who are no longer here and it a way to remember them. 

Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes Night is celebrated all over England on November 5th. Fawkes was a Catholic who conspired to kill King James I and tried to blow up Parliment, (you know BIG BEN!) but was captured and burned at the stake.  Since that night every November 5th England celebrates the foiled plot by setting bonfires, burning an effigy of the man and setting off Fireworks. Quite the celebration.

The New York City Marathon takes place on the first Saturday in November. I used to live in New York and my friends and I had fun going to watch the ending in Central Park while sipping on hot toddies. Everyone who runs in the marathon has qualified in another race so you\’re sure to see some world-class runners in this event.

Love Jazz? Berlin JazzFest is a festival over several venues that brings in professional musicians from around the world. The bonus? You\’re in Berlin, one of the coolest cities in all of Europe.

What are some of your favorite festivals to travel to in the off-season? Use the off-season to experience something you haven\’t experienced before. Take a trip around a festival or just check out that local Farmer\’s market you\’ve been meaning to check out. Whatever it is take advantage of the offseason. 

What are some of your favorite festivals to travel to in the off-season? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time.

**Updated repost from 2016!

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