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So I realized today in writing this blog I had to develop some sort of a calendar. Otherwise I was going to experience writter\’s block…actually I did, until I wrote out a calendar, so going forward I\’m going to dedicate Fridays to covering upcoming Festivals and Weekend Travel.

Halloween is this weekend and for all of those who are not interested in attending a Haunted house or a weekend of Goolish fun there are other options to enjoy. Locally in Las Vegas I\’m participating in a Tough Mudder with some of my CrossFit friends. People can also attend the DOGtober Beer & Music Festival, an annual fundraiser for the Animal Foundation. Maybe firearms are more your flair, The Crossroads of the West Gun Show is taking place at the Cashman Field Center, and you might find some new pieces for your collection.

Thinking of going away for the weekend? California has a few non-Halloween events as well. In San Franciso kids and adults can learn at the Bay Area Science Festival. Looking for a film festival? The PROXY Fall Film Festival is a feeder for independent films from other festivals such as Sundance and SXSW. Maybe you want to get a jump on the upcoming Ski season, Snowbomb Ski & Snowboard festival boasts over 100 ski equipment vendors. You can spend the weekend looking for new gear or watching the live entertainment provided.

Point is there are festivals everywhere if you\’re looking for something to do. One of the best resources for what\’s happening not only in your area but in the next city I use Everfest. It\’s a fantastic search engine. Fest300 filters the best of the world\’s festivals. Colorful pictures can help you decide which festivals you want to join next.

What websites are your go to for festivals? Let me know in the comments. Have a fantastic weekend and check out a festival. Until next time, life is short, travel now!

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