Forget something? The one thing you should pack, even if you think you won\’t need it.

I did. I made a rookie mistake. With all my careful travel planning I forgot an essential. It wasn\’t like I forgot to put it with my luggage or even take it out of the closet but I just left it behind. I left it on the chair in the living room and it\’s an essential. I actually pulled it out of the closet this morning, fully intentioned to bring it with me and I just…left it.

I know you\’re all wondering what it is. Can I live without it? Maybe…yes. Would it have made life easier? Certainly. Ok, enough suspense…It\’s my winter coat! All I have with me is a sweater and my light fleece! Oh and a scarf and a hat and gloves but I forgot my COAT?!?! Really! The worst part is I know exactly where it is! Sitting on that chair. I see other\’s with their winter coats on and I\’m feeling jacket envy. Oh and I feel like a bonehead.

You need a coat!

When you\’re traveling to a cold weather destination you need a coat. Traveling to any destination, a coat can come in handy unless you\’re going to a humid rainforest. Even then some kind of coat is encouraged.

I\’m sitting here thinking how does one forget a coat? It\’s true, that when I left it was early. It\’s true that I grabbed whatever was with my bags and didn\’t think about what else I might need. There are some fantastic coats that are packable and if I had thought to stuff my coat in my carry-on, I wouldn\’t be ranting about it now.

After years of travel. I have always known that if I had forgotten something, like shampoo or a toothbrush, it wasn\’t the end of the world. And although I love lists I\’m not a list creator for packing. So if I forgot something…whatever, but I\’ve never forgotten my coat!

The dilemma.

Now, this put me in an interesting situation. I didn\’t want to purchase a new coat because I didn\’t really need one…except for on this trip. And I didn\’t want to spend a ton of money. I would rather be able to do an extra activity. However, buying a coat in an exotic local gives the coat a great story and you know no one will have one back home.

So ultimately I bought a great packable down alternative jacket that is now one of my constant companions on travels. When I say packable I mean that because it is a jacket with high loft and warmth it can be smooshed down into any of your travel items, taking up very little room.

The result.

Here are some great packable jackets at three different price points that are a great addition to anyone\’s packing needs.

CIOR Women\’s Ultra-lightweight Hooded packable down jacket.

\"\"$25 – $40

At the lowest price point, this down coat is great because it not only comes with its own stuff sack but it comes in two options, with or without a hood. With multiple color choices, you can buy more than one and have a backup in your closet whenever you need it.

T Tahari Women\’s Paulette Packable Down Jacket with Hood

\"\"$52 – $123

For something a little longer in length and with a little more structure check out this style by T Tahari. It\’s warm and a great addition if you plan on traveling to any Nordic countries.

The NorthFace Women\’s Metropolis Parka


If money isn\’t an issue, you cannot go wrong with any NorthFace product. This item is still highly packable, even though it doesn\’t have a stuff sack. NorthFace is known for its warmth and durability, so if you\’re looking for a piece that will last you a long time and keep you super warm, this is your buy.

No matter what you pick remember that having items which are light and take up little to no space make traveling a much more enjoyable experience. Until next time. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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