Gift Ideas for Any Traveler


Ask any traveler and they will have a list of items they would like. These items all inevitably have one focus in mind whether they know it or not…to make travel easier. After all, that is every traveler\’s goal. Although there may be nothing we can do to avoid a plane being delayed, there are some items that can make our travel a little easier. Here are some great gift idea which can make travel easier.


($150 on Amazon)


When traveling to another country your indispensable smartphone becomes useless unless you agree to pay for international service, which can run you around $10 per day. That may not sound like much but if you\’re on a two-week trip that\’s $140. For $150, Skyroam is a God sent in this instance and has saved me tons of money in the process. Skyroam is a mobile hotspot that doubles as a portable battery charger. What traveler doesn\’t love that? Being able to communicate, get directions and work while traveling is to me, priceless. Any traveler would appreciate this gift.

Moleskine Travel Journal

($10-$30 on Amazon)


I love these. Moleskines come in a variety of sizes and styles from grid paper to blank books. When traveling you want to have a way to record things that happened and sometimes a photo will not capture it. Most travelers love to journal, jot down their experiences and how they were feeling. The reason I love them is that they are light and compact. I take a new one on each journey and it becomes a reference for me at a later date if I ever go back to that country. You can find them at any bookstore for $10-$30. I like to get 3 packs of the softcover notebooks. These make great stocking stuffers.

Compression Cubes by Well Traveled

($25 on Amazon)


Any traveler will tell you that compression cubes are necessary. They help to keep your luggage organized and compact. Any additional room is appreciated and it provides more space for souvenirs! These compression cubes by Well Traveled are decorated with images that inspire travel. They are sturdy and lightweight. These come in a set of 3 for $25, Large (15.7” x 11.2”), Medium (13.8” x 9.8”), and Small(11.8” x 8.5”). It\’s a great deal and an even better product.

A Travel Accessories Kit

($13-??? on Amazon or Make your own)


Whether you make your own or purchase a kit, any traveler would be more than appreciative to receive a travel accessories kit. I found this one on Amazon by the Ultimate Bundle, which includes a luggage scale (necessary), a luggage lock (essential), travel plug adapter (crucial), ear plugs (clutch), a silk eye mask (heavenly), and a clear passport protector. You can put together any kind of travel accessory kit. You can put a kit together that includes chocolates, snacks or other gear. Know that it will go to good use.

Paracord Bracelet Survival Gear

($18 on Amazon)


I am not a big backpacker or outdoor survivalist. However, this is a great gift for anyone who travels. Not only does it include a compass but a handy knife as well and a whistle, all for $18 bucks! All great items to have in a sticky situation. When you travel you may not be able to have all the protection you might want but this is a great aid to have. Pick up one for someone you love, to help them stay safe while they travel.

What gifts would you want as a Traveler?

I could go on forever with this list. Travel is an adventure and a deeply personal pursuit. Understanding that is understanding the person you\’re buying a Christmas gift for. At the end of the day, anything you get your traveler will be cherished. What are some gifts you give to travelers that you know they would appreciate? Until next time.

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