Hello from Belfast: Traveling with Friends

Traveling with anyone can be a challenge if you have never traveled with them before. You wonder if you\’ll get along or if your travel styles will mesh. You wonder if you\’ll have the same interests or if they\’ll be able to compromise. I think that\’s why I do so much solo traveling. Selfishly I don\’t want to compromise and some days I just want to be a local. But when you find someone who you travel well with it can enhance your trip 10 fold.

Travel with someone who is easy-going.


If you\’re a type A traveling with another type A personality will annoy you to no end. Neither of you will know how to compromise and both of you will think they know what is best. If you can find someone to travel with that will give and take then you have a match made in heaven.

Last year I was in Ireland and traveled with a friend who was good enough to take vacation time to drive me around his homeland. Unfortunately, our traveling styles did not mesh well. He was in the habit of skipping lunch and in turn I would get hangry. There were places, turn-offs that I would have loved to stop at and he wanted to get to the next destination. Needless to say, the vacation wasn\’t as well-remembered as it would\’ve been.

Find someone who has a similar travel style or someone you know really well.


Recently in Ireland, I was joined by one of my best friends Kayla. I had already been to the areas we were traveling to the previous year so I was happy with taking a back seat and experiencing the travels with her. We planned to do some things I had not done before and others were a refresher. I was forced to view destinations with a new set of eyes. I was able to impart my knowledge and learn new things from her. Sharing those experience with someone who is dear to you makes the experience so much richer.

What made the trip great is that we had similar travel styles. Neither of us needed to stay in a four-star hotel. We were both up for an adventure and we seemed to lose steam at the same time as well. We were also roommates at one time so I knew traveling with her would be a great experience, and it was.

Pick your travel partners wisely.

Traveling can be a harrowing experience. You can learn a lot about yourself and others when you travel. Picking the wrong travel partner can ruin your taste for travel. However, picking the right travel partner can make your trip infinitely better.

Do you have a friend who is your to go travel buddy or do you prefer to travel solo? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time.


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