Hello from Stockholm: Why you should visit the Nordic city in the winter

My first time visiting Stockholm was just a few weeks ago… in the middle of winter. Temperatures didn\’t go above 30 degrees Ferinheit but that didn\’t keep us from exploring the city and taking advantage of what Stockholm had to offer. Here\’s why you should consider visiting this Nordic city in the winter.

Everything is a little cozier


Although it is cold outside inside most places you\’ll find fires you can sit next to and drink warm drinks. Even outside cafes will have heaters and blankets for you to enjoy the few hours of sunlight.

Everything looks a little bit more magical in the snow


I\’m not the biggest fan of snow. I\’ve lived in the Northeast for most of my life but it\’s different when it\’s not the snow you have to usually trudge through. For some reason, snow at a destination is just magical. It looks pretty and turns harsh edges soft. It makes the mulled wine taste sweeter and the fireplaces a little cozier.

Experience more local events


In the winter you\’ll be surrounded by locals and you\’ll get to experience local events. During December and through the first week of January the Architecture Museum in Stockholm hosts a gingerbread house competition. Each year there is a theme and the individuals who give the best interpretations of that theme win a ribbon. Any other time of the year you wouldn\’t be able to see an exhibition like this.

Fewer tourist means fewer crowds


Attractions such as the Vasa Museum and Abba Experience are not as crowded. Where in the height of the tourist season you would not be able to get a photo without a single person in it. In the winter if you have enough patience to wait 5 minutes you can get a photo where it looks like you\’re the only ones there. With fewer people there you have more time to take in exhibits like the Duchamp at the Modern Art Museum, without being jostled by other onlookers.

It\’s the perfect reason to indulge in comfort food


Enjoying Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberries in the oldest section of Stockholm is such a treat. Comfort foods were made for a reason. To help keep us full and nourished through the cold winter months. So you can indulge a little in all the wonderful foods that Stockholm has to offer like potato dumplings and stews.

You get to see a world-class destination for a fraction of the price.

One of the best reasons to travel in the winter is that most hotels and attractions are cheaper in the off-season. You may have to pack a few extra layers but it\’ll be worth the savings.


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