How to make the most of a Snow Day.

Oh SNOW! I left you because you\’re so cold and wet and heavy. Ever felt like you were constantly digging out your car? If you live in a city of any size and don\’t have garage parking you\’re digging. I currently live in Las Vegas but last year I was living in Upstate New York. I love New York. I do…but in the winter you could have snowfall 2-3 times a week. Instead of getting upset with the snow find a way to enjoy it. Here are some tips to making the best of your snowy days without spending a dime!

Get on your snow pants a weatherproof jacket and head outside! Once you\’re there the options are endless. Have a snowball fight, practice your softball pitch (with snowballs), build a snow fort, and make snow angels. Hate the idea of shoveling out your car? Make it a timed event or call a friend and have a race. Being outside and moving will increase your heart rate and allow you to workout in a fun way!

Paint in the snow! I know it\’s a great idea. Make up a bunch of different colored water, go outside and paint in the snow. You can make stick figures or murals but it\’s a great activity for not just kids but adults as well and snow makes a great blank canvas.

Go Sledding. Everyone has a hill that they know of where they can go sledding. Sleds can be made from anything. A piece of plastic, the top of a garbage can, a cookie sheet, really anything with a slick bottom. You can DIY your own fast sled too! Also having a hot chocolate right after sledding is pretty magical.

Don\’t want to go outside?  You could make a snow day into a baking day or get around to cleaning out the closet. You could also make it a movie marathon day or read a book.

Snow doesn\’t have to be a dreaded thing. I used to look at it that way but now I can see it\’s appeal again. Look at it with childlike wonder and you can find the beauty and fun in almost anything. Until next time.

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