Inspiration Monday: Family.

Quick inspiration Monday. This one goes out to my family. I traveled home for Thanksgiving to surprise my parents this weekend. I swore my sister and brothers to secrecy and somehow we made it happen. They were totally bowled over.

I know going home means something different for everyone. For me it means spending time with some of the most amazing people I have ever known and are a constant source of inspiration for me.

I am constantly inspired by the selflessness of my family from pitching in to help my sister with her business to picking me up from the train station. It may seem like little things but it\’s the little things that build the most and it\’s also what helps solidify us as a family. My siblings are my best friends and my parents are my heroes. I know how fortunate I am to have a wonderful support system who provides unconditional love.

Knowing that after a long day\’s journey to far-flung parts of the world, a quick text or being able to FaceTime with them helps to keep me grounded. So enjoy those people who are your family, those people who love you no matter what, whether they be of the same blood or not. Until next time…


  • Jess @PTcontender November 28, 2016 at 1:50 pm

    Awww I know they must have been SO happy & surprised to have you on such a big family holiday!


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