Inspiration Monday: Rick Steves

(Photo Credit: Rick Steves website)

I\’ll be the first to admit I\’m a little bit of a nerd about Travel. I love researching and finding new ways to travel better, cheaper, and more often. Since I can remember I\’ve been a fan of Rick Steves. The expert on European travel has been building his name for over forty years!

Mr. Steves\’ may give off an aloof attitude toward travel but in reality its second nature to him. Two years ago I went to one of his talks. It was a general talk about how his trips are set up, how he uses local guides for the tours, and tips and trick that he has pick up over his many years of experience.

I have always wanted to have a job like Rick Steves. He takes people on very well-developed tours which not only include the highlights of destinations but cultural and artistic tidbits. He has perfected his tours to such a point that now all he does is go on the tours and tweaks them to make any improvements that are necessary.  He\’s one of my resources.

Whenever I travel to any destination in Europe, I\’ll make sure to watch his show or listen to one of his podcasts. They\’re great resources for places to visit at each destination as well as being able to identify knowledgeable guides. One of the other resources is his staff. If you have a question about a destination that isn\’t covered in his show you can email his team and they will respond very quickly with detailed information.

Who inspires you? For more information on Rick Steves and his tours I\’ve listed his website below. Until next time, life happens, so travel now!

Rick Steves:

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