Inspiration Mondays

(Photo credit: Mr. Ben Brown via his website)

Inspiration is all around us. We just have to be aware to look for it. I felt that Mondays should be my time to post about my inspirations and maybe you will be inspired too. Lately I\’ve been watching a lot of youtube, viewing different travel vloggers and trying to figure out where I fit in. While sifting my way through the mindfield of some good and some very bad I came upon Mr. Ben Brown.

If you don\’t know who that is or haven\’t seen his Visual Vibes you\’re missing out. What Ben Brown does with cinematography is breathtaking. He uses a mixture of a drone and a DLSR camera to create these visual transports, and they are absolutely stunning. His most recent work, The Arctic, is brilliantly pieced together from an expedition he went on to the Arctic, through Greenland into Canada. Now I\’m not one who has ever wanted to go to the Arctic. I moved from New York to Las Vegas to get away from winters, but watching his film made me want to, no scratch that, yearn to go. He is able to capture the beauty of a place so barren some would call it depressing, but though his viewfinder, blues are bluer, whites are crisper and your jaw drops in wonder. It\’s nothing short of inspirational.

Please check him out if you have the opportunity. He is constantly posting creative and amazing content. Watching his videos makes me want to get out of my seat and explore every corner of the world, hopefully they\’ll inspire you too.  Until next time, life is short, travel now…and be inspired.

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