Is last minute travel a good deal?

I\’ve always been of the opinion that the best deals you\’re going to get are when you actually do the leg work. Piecing together a vacation yourself allows you to find cheaper deals than if you were to rely on a third-party. Last year when I went to Mexico I called the resort directly and was able to get a savings of over $500 for just booking my flight and stay on my own. But I digress. The questions is…are you getting a good deal with last-minute travel?

I had to think about how to approach this question and came up with this solution, I would pick three last-minute travel sites, pick a similar package and then compare it to a package I piece together. Here\’s what I found.

The three travel deal websites I picked were GoLastMinute, Expedia, and Last Minute Travel. The trip is an all-inclusive package to Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort including round trip air fare for February 10-12, leaving from Las Vegas, NV. (The rates are based on a double occupancy room.)

Let\’s start with GoLastMinute. This website is a search engine, like Kayak, that compiles deals from other websites. Their package is through The deal is 2 nights in a Deluxe room with a jet tub and $1,500 in resort credit for $936 per person. This does not include airport transfers but you can add those for $20 per person.

The next is Expedia. They are offering pretty much the same deal except they are claiming up to $2,5o0 in resort credit for $933 per person. You can add the airport transfers for $40 per person.

Lastly we have Last Minute Travel. They were also the website with the least amount of options. They also came in at the lowest at $817 per person. This does not include any resort credit but does include a car rental.

Then I went and priced everything out myself. I called the Moon Palace and the rate for the room per night was $610, including all taxes and fees. Round trip tickets to Cancun from Las Vegas is $280 per person and the airport transfers between the hotel and the airport are $27 per person. So based on a 2 person occupancy for the trip the price per person is $917. A little bit of a deal if you book yourself.

From this research I do think that last-minute travel is worth it. If you want to get away for the weekend or the week and you want to do it tomorrow it looks like they are compiling all of the best rates. Granted the best deals are going to happen when you have the time to research and do the leg work. Sometimes you just want to get away and for these times last minute travel is a safe bet. Until next time.

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