Last Minute Gift Ideas!

Christmas is this weekend. Hurray! After the long wait we get to spend some quality time with family and friends…and maybe stress over last-minute items that we forgot to get. Or maybe we just didn\’t have the time because of travel Don\’t stress! There are simple things that you can get, last minute, at your destination, that won\’t break the bank or create multiple trips and you can find most of them at your grocery store.

  1. Bake something. inevitably you will need something for Christmas dinner or the Christmas party you\’re going to. Baking something and wrapping it is a wonderful Christmas gift. Fudge is easy to make and doesn\’t need to be refrigerated. Click on the link for Christmas Fudge Recipe.
  2. Soap and other bath products. Most grocery stores with have soap available. Get one of the fancier ones and pair it with lotion, put it in a gift bag (you can also get at the store) and you have a ready-made Christmas gift most women would love. What about for men? Easy create a shaving kit. All you have to do is purchase a razor, shaving cream and aftershave and you\’re all set.
  3. Create your own \”fruit\” basket. I put quotes around fruit because you can create any type of basket. Make it a theme basket. Grab a bowl or platter from the utensil section. This will be your base and main part of the gift. Fill it with fruit and some tissue paper to fill in the gaps, wrap it up in cellophane and pop a bow on it. Same thing can be done with a candy. My favorite theme basket to give someone is Popcorn and a Movie theme basket. I\’ll grab some popcorn, a movie (most grocery stores sell dvds now) and a gift card from Regal and put that all together.
  4. Gift Cards. You can get a gift card to just about anywhere at the grocery store now. Amazon, Best Buy, your favorite restaurant, the movies…just about anywhere. Grab one of these, load it with whatever value you want to give and put a bow on it. Done.
  5. Pen and Journal set. Most grocery stores, even the one by my parents, has a section with office supplies. Although it might be a limited selection you could find a journal and a nice set of pen. Wrap those and you have a gift. This is a great gift for anyone who likes to write.

I hope I\’ve helped to provide you with some quick ideas for last-minute gifts. These gifts are thoughtful and can be created at a moments notice, so don\’t stress. These can be used at any time! Let me know any ideas you have for last minute Christmas gifts. Until next time, Happy Holidays!!!

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