Living in the Desert

A few months ago I moved out to Las Vegas. A big move from New York but I needed a change and had a willing accomplice, my good friend who also happens to be my hairdresser…yes I lucked out. If you\’re considering a move from a moisture driven environment to more of an arid world there are a few things to take in mind. Below are my top three tips for surviving life in the desert.

#1. (And probably the most important) DRINK WATER.

I cannot emphasize this enough. You may think you\’re a big water drinker but you really do need to drink more than you think. I ended up having to double my intake until my body acclimated to this climate and it\’s still not fully acclimated. I\’m plagued with dry skin and chapped lips, what seems like constantly, unless I get enough water and then I finally see better results. So drink water…even if you think you\’re hydrated, you\’re probably not.

#2. WEAR Sunscreen all the time

In more arid climates there are more open spaces and more direct sunlight. It\’s so wonderful to see the sun pretty much every day but you are exposed to all that UV. So slather yourself in SPF.

#3. Eat tons of Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Help replenish your electrolytes and water with fresh fruit and vegetables. Not only will you stock up necessary vitamins but you will be providing nourishment to your skin, hair and nails as well as treating your insides right.

Three simple steps. Anyone can do. I could add exercise here too. Just remember to replenish the fluids you lost with water and fresh fruits and veggies. Three months in and I\’m starting to acclimate. Hopefully this will help someone other East Coaster acclimate too! Desert living is pretty great when you can be outside in a t-shirt in January.

Questions? Drop me a line!

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