Minimalist travel? Not exactly…but not bad.

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I leave for Europe tomorrow evening and for the first time I\’ve put together a capsule wardrobe for the journey. I\’m testing it out. I\’m limiting myself to only 11 items (minus my outer layers and workout clothes) for a two week excursion. My luggage for the trip is a Osprey Farpoint 40 and a crossbody bag as a day bag.


So this is what I packed (photo below).

2 pairs of black jeggins (because they are comfortable and they can be dressed up or down.)

2 t-shirts (one white/one grey)

2 long sleeve layer shirts (one black/one grey)

1 grey sweater

1 plaid button down (it\’s warm)

1 black swing dress (not pictured)

1 blue cardigan (not pictured)

1 tech pull over for layering (not pictured)


In addition I packed a set of workout clothes, 2 pairs of thermals for layering, a convertible scarf from Lululemon and bras/underwear/socks.

I really pared things down because I wanted not only did I want to pack light but I want to see how few items I can bring with me. If I need something I\’ll buy it. So I\’m bringing the essentials. But the clothing was only half the battle. Deciding what is needed for electronics is a whole other process.


So this is it. My camera, a 40-150 mm lens, headphones, my laptop, a power bank, a smaller power bank, a Polaroid cube+ and my kindle. In the mesh bag is a series of cords, an external hard drive and camera batteries. This is where i wonder if I\’ve brought enough memory and power. Fingers crossed.

Aside from the above I made sure to bring snacks, a water bottle, passport, currency, pre- prepped meals (2, thank you Weight Plates!), and toiletries. So wish me luck. I\’ll let you know how I fare. Until next time.

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