Mirabeau Inn and Spa: Truly a zen experience

Located just under two hours from New York City, the Mirabeau Inn and Spa is a place to go for a quick recharge.  Mirabeau\’s location and French chateau inspired architecture allows you to feel as if you\’re not in upstate New York and provides an immersive experience for those who want to disconnect and relax.



I decided to book an overnight at Mirabeau for my birthday. I just wanted a quick getaway where I could unwind and forget about the outside world for a little while. Mirabeau filled that need. Upon arrival, I checked into the front desk, where the staff conducted a quick health screening.

The screening involved checking my temperature and asking a series of questions to determine whether or not I had been in contact with anyone who might be ill, not just from Covid. I arrived ahead of check-in time so that I could have a full day to use the spa amenities. In addition to the spa amenities, the property has an underground, indoor, secure, heated garage. This came in handy on my stay because it snowed 3 inches and I\’m so thankful I didn\’t have to clean off my car the next morning.

The Spa

After check-in, I was directed around the corner to the spa desk to check-in for my services. One of the staff was assigned to explain the amenities and help you get into your locker. Individual lockers are assigned to each guest daily so that they can be properly sanitized between each visit.

In compliance with state regulations, some of the facilities were available on a limited basis. For example, there was only one person allowed in the sauna and/or the steam room at any time. Which was really nice since it allowed you to remove your mask and experience those rooms unhindered. Their eucalyptus-infused steam room seemed to clear out my whole respiratory system and I breathed deeper, relishing the experience.

From the locker room, you are led through the resting area, which is where I found myself dozing in between services. The space is warm and relaxing. The room lighting was set low and I was lulled into relaxation with the sound of running water from a large rock fountain in the center of the room which cast water ripples on the ceiling. At the far end, you could enjoy a seat by the fireplace and wait for your technician to call you in to your service.

In addition to the calming resting area, there is an outdoor aqua terrace, which has a large heated spa and a snack bar if you\’re feeling a little peckish between services. I was able to experience the aqua terrace by myself which I found extremely relaxing.



The Mirabeau Inn and Spa offer a variety of services, from massages to facials. I purchased the Zen spa package and a hydrating facial. The Zen package included my hotel room for the night, a $50 dining credit, a salt wrap with your chosen fragrance, and a hot oil scalp massage. It was my first time experiencing a salt wrap and it won\’t be the last time. Not only did it leave my skin feeling hydrated and soft but I felt as if I had been through a massage without the oil feeling at the end.

All of the services I experienced were of high quality. Each treatment room contained a lit fireplace, low lighting, and soft music. Some of them had waterfall head showers and claw foot bathtubs. Overall they did a great job of keeping the spa clean and safe. Staff routinely changed the towels on the relaxation chairs in the resting area. As soon as someone got up the linens were changed for the next guest.

In addition, if you stay at the resort, wellness classes are included. You must sign up in advance at the spa desk but they did offer classes in yoga, pilates, weight training, cardio, and more. They also operate a small gym on-site, which you must sign up for a time with the spa desk, which includes Peloton equipment.

The Room


Between my salt scrub and my facial, I had about two hours. I used the time to check into my room. I had a vague idea of what I could expect from the website photos, however, the room was better than expected. As I walked in the first thing I noticed was a small dessert plate and a card was left. The staff knew it was my birthday and left a small treat for me to celebrate.

The room itself was gorgeous, with high ceilings, a large king-sized bed, and a small sitting area in front of a lit fireplace. The large sliding window opened onto a small balcony that faced the back of the property and a large wooded area. The bathroom was just as beautiful with a clawfoot tub and a separate rainfall shower. I was in heaven. In addition, there was a small writing desk and coffee set up. If I had anything negative to say it was that they didn\’t have a tea or hot chocolate offering along with the coffee in the room.

Once I was settled and in my robe and bathing suit for the next service, I notice that there was spa music playing in the room. Another nice addition was that each room is equipped with a sound machine clock, which also had an option for relaxing spa music.

The Food

The Mirabeau has a nice restaurant on site that serves a limited room service menu. After the long and relaxing day at the spa, all I wanted to do was get room service. I ordered their signature burger. Unfortunately, I couldn\’t eat it because it was very underdone. The staff was gracious and took the meal off my bill, they did offer to make it right but at the time I found that I didn\’t have an appetite and the fries that came with the burger were amazing.

The next morning I decided to give the actual restaurant a try. There were not a lot of people dining but the staff was conscious to seat everyone far apart. The waitstaff was punctual and friendly. I ordered the Eggs Benedict which I can highly recommend. Everything on the plate was done to perfection.

There are some great restaurants within a block from the spa. Rhinebeck has everything from Chinese to Mexican. I would definitely take a look at the menu at Mirabeau. If there is something that you like definitely eat there but otherwise you have a lot of other options if you\’re in the mood for something else.

The overall experience

The staff is kind and courteous. The property is clean, safe, and utterly relaxing. I left feeling like I was able to sluff off the last year. Spa travel is a great way to disconnect and immerse yourself in relaxation which is something we can all use. I would highly recommend an overnight getaway at the Mirabeau Inn and Spa for your next spa trip. What are some of your favorite overnight spas? Please let me know in the comments. Until next time!

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