My Top 5 Apps for Solo Traveling

I love to travel. I’ve been doing it for years. Here are my top 5 apps that I use to help keep me organized and safe while traveling on my own.

1. Check My Trip

This is a great free app that helps me keep all my reservations in one place. You’re able to send your reservations to the app and it will organize them chronologically. It\’s a perfect to keep you from forgetting a reservation or travel time.

2. Rome 2 Rio

I love this free app. Plugin where you’re starting and where you want to go. It will give you the best options for travel between two points as well as pricing. I use this app for planning. It gives you ideas for possible transportation routes between countries, cities, and towns.

3. Citymapper

Another free app. I discovered this on my last solo trip. It\’s one of the best apps that complies all of the transportation information including any issues like track closings or route changes. It also provides subway and bus maps as well as pricing. This is great for a solo traveler who is new to a city or just needs help getting around and doesn\’t want to look like a tourist.

4. TripScout

I\’m a little biased with this app. You will have to pay a small fee in-app to unlock guidebooks to each city but it does a fantastic job of compiling information and articles from places like Culturetrip, Happy Frog Travels and more. You can also create itineraries for your travels and share them with family and friends. It also allows you to download offline maps and articles so you don\’t have to eat up data while traveling.

5. XE calculator & Google Translate

I\’ve decided to put these two apps together because they help you negotiate a foreign country. Two of the biggest hurdles when traveling is money and language exchange, both of these apps help clear those hurdles. You\’ll use both in a foreign restaurant, one to figure out what you\’re eating and the other to see how much the meal will actually cost. These are two of the most invaluable apps for me and the top two apps every solo traveler should download.

There are thousands of travel apps out there some great, some need improving and that\’s where we, the solo traveler, come in. We are the testers for what will work best for us. Take the time to preview apps before you go. Use them to get around your home town. See if they will really work for what you need when you need it and then let me know your favorite apps. Until next time.


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