My Travels for 2017!

So it\’s a new year. Welcome 2017. Today is my birthday. Yay! Another year but I\’m excited about what this year will bring. I thought I would share some of my travel expectations for the new year. Places that I\’m planning on going and places that I have on my list to hit this year.

First my Europe trip in February-March. I\’ve planned a 4 week trip to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Scotland and England. Yes it will be a lot but it will be fantastic and I\’m hitting a few places I\’ve never been before!

I plan on starting in Norway, spend a week traveling around and learning about the Nordic way of life. Then over to Copenhagen for 3 days. My sister studied abroad in Copenhagen and says you need at least a week but I\’m sure I\’ll be back. From there I\’ll fly over to Ireland. Spend a little over a week exploring the Emerald Isle then up to Scotland. I plan on having my home base in Edinburg because I know it and love it. I want to feel what it\’s like to be a local in this magical city and will hang my hat there for a little over a week. After that I\’ll head down to England. Say hi to a college friend in London and then I plan on heading to Avon and Bath. I\’ll finish up my trip in Stockholm, Sweden, spend 3 days there before flying home.

Not too bad right? The flights are so cheap right now you can\’t afford not to go! My next trip will be a bit longer but it will be an honest to goodness road trip. This year marks the 150th birthday of Canada. I\’m going to celebrate that by exploring some of the western part of the country. My road trip will start with driving over to the Pacific Coast Highway and driving that all the way up to Vancouver. Stopping along the way in San Francisco, Seattle and exploring a bit of the coastal Pacific Northwest. From there I\’ll drive over to Banff and check out Calgary before working my way back home to Las Vegas.

In between all of this I\’m planning on heading to Albany, NY for the CrossFit NE regionals, Madison, WI for the CrossFit games and hopefully (fingers crossed) New Orleans in May for their Jazz Fest.

I plan on documenting all of my travels and starting a YouTube channel to share them on. Where are you guys planning on going in 2017? There\’s no better time to travel then now. Until next time!

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