Norwegian Airlines…should you fly them?

\"IMG_5574\"With all of the bad press Airlines are getting now a days I wanted to share my experience I had flying with Norwegian Airlines. In March I flew to Europe from Las Vegas and back on Norwegian. It was my first time flying this particular airline and I really didn\’t know much about it.

Booking, what to look for.

I booked the flight because it was the least expensive way to get over to Europe. My two one-way tickets cost $340 total. I flew into Norway and out of Copenhagen. It\’s a great way to travel in Europe especially if you want to cover as much ground as possible. For example being able to fly into Oslo and out of Copenhagen gave me the opportunity to visit two countries I had not been to. I also find that typically when you book two one-way trips you can save anywhere from $50-100 on your flights.

Amenities Breakdown

To get the bare bones deal and pay the least amount for your flight over to Europe you\’re going to have to do without some things on Norwegian. Their Low Fare price does not include anything except for your seat. You are afforded a carry-on, under 21\”x 15.75\” x 9\”, and a personal item. They are quite adamant that your personal item cannot be another duffel. Your personal item and your carry-on cannot exceed 10kg of weight or 22lbs. Your tickets do include free in-flight entertainment but if you want to pick your seat it\’s an additional $40. Meals included, it\’s an additional $45. A checked piece of luggage it will cost you $35 domestic and $70 international. Or you can have all these things included in the Low Fare + option which will run you an additional $100 on average.

If you choose to forego all these extras, as I did, I have a tip… bring the flight crew chocolates. I bought the flight crew chocolates and on both flights was given free beverages which if I had to pay for them would have been $4 for each beverage. A little bit of goodwill goes a long way.

Food Situation

You have the option to purchase food on the flight or you can bring your own on, which I highly recommend. I took Weight Plates with me on my flight out and purchased salads for my meals in a local supermarket on the way back. If you live in the Las Vegas area you should try Weight Plates, my friend Anjo is an amazing chef and makes some fantastic meals that are great hot or cold and easy to pack. Most major cities have some great pre-prepped food options for you to take when you travel.

Bring your own snacks. Although there are snacks available for purchase, you\’re still subject to their limited selection. Bring what you want instead and save some money that way.

The Aircraft itself…is it a comfortable ride?

Ok now that all the logistics are out-of-the-way, let\’s get to the actual aircraft and flight. The airplane is pretty. Inside reminded me of Virgin Atlantic planes which I have such an affection for and probably skewed my view of this airline in the process. The Boeing 787 \”Dreamliner\” claims to be one of the most eco-friendly airliners on the planet due to its low operating costs and reduced emissions.

The plane boasts reduced noise which makes for a quieter flight and larger windows. The windows don\’t have shades that pull down, instead, they are remotely controlled by each individual passenger to provide different degrees of light, depending on your preference. In addition, they reduce the overhead lights and gradually bring them up to help you with a natural sleep cycle, this they say reduces jet lag and on a 10-hour flight any help is greatly appreciated.

One of the first things I noticed apart from the resemblance of the interior to Virgin Atlantic the flight attendants were all beautiful, to which many of my friends retorted, of course, they\’re Norwegian, but no the staff were all from the UK and they were extremely pleasant.

Additions and Extra Fees…

One other thing to note. They have a trip protection fee, which you can add. I believe it is $12. The trip protection fee only applies if you are a loved one is sick and you can provide proper documentation for a change or cancellation of flights. To change a flight there is a $125 change fee as well as the balance of the flight. Keep that in mind when booking. If you wish to cancel the flight, it is non-refundable.

Would I recommend Norwegian? Absolutely.

Make sure that when you\’re booking you understand what you\’re getting into. Pay a little money to be able to pick your seat, bring an extra piece of luggage, and have meals included. Pay less and you are bringing only a carry-on and personal item, your own food, and drink unless you want to buy it on board, and still get free entertainment. If you\’re looking for a budget airline to get you to Europe, it\’s a great option. Until next time.



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