Oktoberfest: at Hunter Mountain…You might want to give it a miss.

I love Oktoberfest. I love the Ompah bands and the lederhosen. I love that people are walking around with big steins, eating pretzels or knockwurst. If that\’s what you think of Oktoberfest…DON\’T go to Hunter Mountain for theirs.

This was such a disappointment. Every other year for Oktoberfest there has been a big tent and under the big top there were great Polka bands and people dancing and having fun. That was not happening at this Oktoberfest. 

To begin, the only pretzels you could buy were a pretzel necklace that some vendor was selling. Oh no, it is not as cool as you think. These pretzels were the standard, small, bar pretzels you get at your local market. There were no big, gorgeous beer pretzels that we associate with Oktoberfest! 

Now let\’s talk about the food offerings. I felt like the organizers put no thought into who they would get for vendors. They had one sausage vendor and then they had carnival food, like gyros, kettle corn, and fried dough! Where are the real pretzels, the schnitzel, the spetzal? 

And it just kept getting worse. The vendors were few and far between and nothing theme oriented. You couldn\’t buy a set of lederhosen even if you wanted to. 

Then there was the music. There was a DJ outside playing rock music like it was any outdoor festival and the band inside was decent but played regular rock music no Ompah music. 

It\’s one redeeming feature is that the entrance to Oktoberfest was free. Thank goodness for that. I would have been even more disappointed if I had paid for it. 

I understand that you may not be able to go to Munich but you can find a good Oktoberfest in your area. If you\’re looking for an Oktoberfest to go to don\’t go to Hunter Mountain. Albany and Saratoga do an infinitely better job and if you live in the Albany area you can Uber home.

Have you gone to an anticipated event and been disappointed with the actuality of it? Let me know your adventures in the comments below! Until next time. 

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