Postcard from Dublin: Don\’t let it take 3 visits to see what it\’s really like.

I have been to Dublin three times in my life and the first two admittedly have been as stop-overs. When asked what there is to do in Dublin my reply was, \”Besides drinking?\” Although drinking seems to be the social scene in Dublin it is not the only scene.


My first impressions of Dublin were, dirty, dreary, and touristy. I met a college friend there for a quick weekend before exploring the Antrim coast and if I can sum up what I saw it would be this… Trinity college (cool), Kilmainham Gaol Museum (Interesting & slightly creepy), then 2 pm hit…Guinness connoisseurs tour (the rest is a bit of a blank although I highly recommend the tour). And it seemed like every meal we had was not great. That was a year ago.

This year I met one of my best friends in Dublin because it was the cheapest flight over. We were there for a night. (My previous experience coloring the city and I wanted to spend more time in Belfast. Luckily Kay didn\’t mind.) Although we found better places to eat, my impressions of Dublin being a touristy and dirty city had not really changed. But Dublin wasn\’t done with me.

We had a whole day in Dublin and Kay wanted to go the Guinness Storehouse, which is a pretty awesome place. On the walk there I could not help but feel that we were not in the best section of Dublin. It was cold and dreary as the other times I\’ve spent there. We spent a good amount of the day at the storehouse…drinking in the Gravity bar upstairs. However, we also spoke with the bartenders and asked them what they would do.


They pointed us to Camden Street. As we walked out of Guinness the sun was shining and all of a sudden it felt like full on summer. Camden Street is fun and vibrant and thoroughly local. The people were friendly and wanted to chat and we started to feel like Dublin was worth the second visit.

After a couple of pints, we floated over to Grafton Street. We ended up eating at this amazing burger place (recommended by a local) called Bunsen that only serves burgers and fries. They have very limited space so expect to wait for a table, however, it\’s well worth it. I have a respect for places that put out very few things, but they do them so well. This is one of those places.


Walking down Grafton Street at twilight on a Monday evening I finally understood why so many people enjoy Dublin. It\’s the people and the vibrancy that this city has to offer. All it took was a little bit of sun to shine on Dublin\’s pearls.


Do you have a place that totally won you over after you had a negative feeling toward it initially? There is something to be said for second chances. Until next time.

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