Safety while Traveling


I\’ve spent a lot of time recently having conversations about travel safety. It\’s a real concern not just for solo travelers or female travelers but for everyone. Now it\’s easy enough to check the travel warnings from the government for certain countries. And yes you do need to be careful wherever you go but should one country be singled out as high risk when someone from a different country can stumble into Watts or Compton in California and be in just as much danger. So what\’s the line? How do we make ourselves smarter, safer travelers? The bottom line…we research. We have to!

It\’s not enough to rely on one source.

Make sure that you are staying in a good location and the surrounding areas are safe as well. A few months ago I traveled to California for the CrossFit games. I picked an AirBnB that I thought looked like it was in a safe area, the host has great reviews but it ended up not living up to its photos and the area was super sketchy! So how do you ward yourself against this?


If you\’re concerned about where you\’re staying and want to stay in a safe area look up crime watch websites, almost every town has one.  I learned the hard way and that is one of the ways I pick my lodgings now. Safety is and should be a huge concern for anyone traveling. If you have other safety concerns and want help figuring out how to research solutions shoot me a comment below! Don\’t let the fear of the unknown prohibit you from having the travel experience of your life.

What are some of your tricks to researching for travel? What are your favorite go-to sites? Let me know in the comments. Life is short, travel now! Until next time!

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