Sorry I\’ve been on a hiatus but here\’s a travel update!

I\’ve been on a hiatus recently. There have been a lot of personal changes. Work became crazy and then there was a move but I\’m back at it again.

Some of the articles you can look forward to on this blog are travel product reviews and I\’m going to start putting together trip itineraries. 3-5 days in length. Where would you want to visit? I\’ll create an itinerary for you.

Next month is going to be a lot of fun. I\’m headed to the UK for 3 weeks. I\’m going to rent a car and for the first time, I\’ll drive on the other side of the road! To say I\’m a little nervous would be accurate. So look forward to photos of Wales, the Cotswolds, London, Bath and maybe Scotland or York.

Follow me on instagram and twitter. I\’m going to ask for recommendations as I travel and would love your input. Until next time…

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