Stay Safe while Shopping for the Holidays

With the holiday season upon us we tend to be a little more lax in our alertness. It\’s true… I go through it too. Our thoughts are on shopping for holiday gifts or making sure that we got everything on our list. But during this time of cheer remember to be mindful of yourself and your belongings.

The other day I went to one of the outlets near me and as I was walking out I noticed that someone had walked away from all of their purchases. The bags were just sitting there on a wall as if they were unimportant…and it was multiple bags! I\’m all for wanting to see the best in humanity but I\’m also not going to tempt fate.

Being mindful doesn\’t mean thinking that everyone you see is trying to steal from you, it means to just keep your wits about you. Here are a couple of tips to make you a little less appealing to pick pockets even when you\’re laden down with your holiday treats.

  1. Make sure that your purse has a zippered main compartment and wear it in the front of your body. If you can see it, it\’s less likely to be picked. Men…no back pocket stash for your wallet. Place it in one of your front pockets.
  2. Forget your head phones at home. I\’ve said it before and I\’ll say it again. If you can\’t hear you don\’t have a full picture of what\’s going on around you.
  3. Make sure that when you pull your wallet out you keep a firm grip on it and eyes on your card. Today in many places we have to insert our credit cards into a machine, if you turn away even for a second that card can go missing.
  4. Keep hold of your bags or keep them close. You may want to put your bags down at some point. (They can get heavy…I get it) If you step away from your bag, even a foot, you could be missing some presents when you go to retrieve those bags.
  5. Shopping can be exhausting work. If you want to take a break and grab a drink or food, try to get a booth where you can stash your purchases under the table next to the wall. Or a better option, run them out to your car. Extra exercise is good for everyone.

These are mostly common sense but bears repeating. If you have some tips that you live by post them below! Until next time, stay safe and enjoy the holiday cheer!

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