Stuck at the Airport

So you\’re stuck at the airport, what do you do? Seriously we\’ve all been there. Now if you\’re fancy you could chill at the airport lounge. If you\’re one of us common folk, you\’re hustling to find an outlet so you can set up your entertainment station for the duration. But there are other options. If you\’re like me you want to be doing something.

If I have anywhere from 2-3 hours for a layover I\’m going to try to fit in a workout. At Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport there is a 1.3 mile walking path where you can stash your luggage and go for a run. They also have over 40 art installations you can view. Or if you\’re at the San Francisco International Airport, you could get your Namaste on in their new yoga room.

If I have a 4-6 hour layover in Hong Kong I could try to fit in 9 holes at the SkyCity Nine Eagles Golf Course which is adjacent to the airport. Or you could try an excursion. In Helsinki you can take their 3 Hour Layover Tour.

Getting stuck at the airport doesn\’t have to be a bad thing. I\’ve actually seen some of the most interesting art installations in airports around the world. It doesn\’t hurt to do some research before you go and see what\’s at the airport you\’re visiting? Until next time, life is short, travel now!

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